Our Story

Our Story

Sonia, Blyton and their kids

Hi, we're so delighted to welcome you to our home and overjoyed that you are visiting us. Here you can read personal stories that explain everything about True happiness - which comes NOT from wealth, power, pleasure or honor BUT from accepting Jesus as a personal friend, who is Real and Alive, every moment of our lives

Our Present

Sonia, myself (Blyton) and our 4 kids live in Perth. Interestingly, Perth is the second most isolated capital city in the world and the most isolated city among cities of similar size.

Eating out in Perth


Our Recent Past

We earlier lived in Dubai. It is one of the best cities to live in - safe, clean, ultra-modern and a melting pot of over 200 nationalities. We thank God for our time in that city.

Moments in Dubai Moments in DubaiMoments in Dubai

Further Back into the Past

All of us were born and raised in different countries. I (Blyton)  and Andrea were born in Mangalore, India. Sonia was born in Kuwait while Amy and Joanne in Dubai and Jessica in Perth. Since we lived in different countries, we have varied experiences which help us appreciate the differences, as well as similarities, in family life, culture, community, education etc. in different countries.

By God's grace, we traveled a few countries, learned new cultures, savored delicious cuisines, saw stunning natural beauty and enjoyed the incredible hospitality of locals. We love traveling and learning.

Community and Social Life

Sonia and I are exactly opposite when it comes to socializing, yet we are so complimentary. I am an introvert whereas Sonia is an extrovert. She especially loves reaching out to pregnant women, mothers with newborns and the elderly.

She is a stay-at-home mum but keeps herself busy as a

(1) Religious Education teacher

(2) Chorister and

(3) Volunteer at church and school events, playgroups etc.

As a couple, we together

(1) Assist the Parish Priest in overseeing the Youth Ministry at our local Parish

(2) Volunteer for the church clean-up and Altar flower arrangements once a month

(3) Organize Christmas plays, fundraisers, Carol singing, youth pilgrimages

(4) Visited prisoners in jails and the sick in hospitals regularly in the past

(5) Were Catechists in Dubai

(6) and many many more services

To say the least we are truly humbled by these experiences because they have taught us how fragile and precious life is.

Disclaimer: We are not experts in any of the above areas but we have learned valuable lessons from them and continue to learn.

A Rollercoaster Ride - Our Life

Life has not been only a bed of roses. We have struggled in many aspects of family life, like any other family. Many a time we thought why this pain, discord, tension, suffering or financial difficulty. But actually many more times we were blest beyond with happiness and abundance, we did not even deserve. During our tough times, we always got reassuring thoughts that these experiences were teaching us important lessons that we would one day share for the benefit of others. I firmly believe this blog is a fulfillment of that promise.

What we learned is not unique or brand new. It's the same as what you have learned too, through your own ups and downs. We are simply sharing with the hope that it gives courage or reassurance or confidence to others, who are on the same journey as us.

Our Hope For This Blog

All my research showed that blogs that help to solve a problem or transform a reader into a better version of oneself are the most successful. We hope that the stories shared here are useful to you in one or both ways.  We pray that it influences you to become an engaged Christian for whom Jesus is real and personal, alive and active in every moment of your life.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts by commenting on our posts or you can simply contact us at any time. Alternately, Follow us on Facebook.

Let's build a community that shares lessons, insights, and stories that teach us how to be happy. Begin your visit by Starting Here.

Sonia and Blyton.

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