We strive to keep Faith at the centre of everything.

He must grow greater; I must grow less

– John 3:30

Sonia and Blyton live in Australia with their 4 lovely daughters. Hailing from practising Catholic families, they are passionate about passing on the Faith to the next generations.

Both have had personal encounters with Jesus and hence their faith extends beyond mere belief. But as an ordinary family, raising kids in a highly secular culture, they have experienced ups and downs in parenting, relationships, personal faith, spirituality, marriage, finances, health and almost any other aspect of family life you can imagine.

They strive to include God in every situation – small or big. And look at every outcome through the lens of faith.

Sonia and Blyton have served in various Church ministries across Dubai and Australia over the past decade.

Both are trained Catechists and involved in religious education of kids. They have been part of hospital, prison, Church cleaning and floral ministries.

Currently they are members of their Parish youth leadership team, creating strategies and implementing plans catering to the spiritual and social development of youth.

Other activities include Apologetics, choirs, fundraising, organising events for special occasions on the Parish calendar, integrating differently abled youth into mainstream youth activities, community service focused on the aged and loads of volunteering

What sets Sonia and Blyton apart is their zeal to share with others the lessons they have learnt from their life experiences.

In addition, information from faith-related seminars, talks, retreats, social media posts etc. are curated and shared with their readers. 

If it’s good enough for them, then it must be good for others too.

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