Chastity Before Marriage: A Catholic Perspective

Chastity. Marriage. Sex. Dating. Do you remember the time you were a teenager? Wasn't it an exciting phase of your life? Weren't you brash and felt anything was acceptable? Including physical intimacy with the opposite sex? Did you care about the Church's teaching on chastity and purity?

Unforgiveness – How Can it Destroy My Happiness?

Happiness is usually associated with the acquisition of things. We are so accustomed to this understanding, that It's difficult to comprehend how one can be happy by shedding off possessions. But the fact is getting rid of two things - unforgiveness and hatred can truly make us fully happy.

4 Key Sources of Happiness

Discovering the key sources of Happiness is important for almost everyone. True happiness is achievable but not easy because we seek it in the wrong places, people and experiences. Happiness does not come from power, pleasure, honor or wealth but from these 4 “unappealing” sources.

5 Real Ways to Reach Out to Someone In Need

There is so much of suffering all around us. It's easy to be blinded to the harsh realities that others could be facing during the festive season of Christmas. Where possible, we should be generous and charitable. Not just with money, but also with our time, energy and prayers. Here are a few real ways to reach out to someone in need and make a huge difference.