Catholics, Do You Agree With These 13 Church Teachings?

Pen and a check box

Posted by : Blyton Pinto | Catholic Life

A vast majority, including many Catholics, feel that the Church unfairly imposes its teachings on its followers, without a care or concern for the realities or practicalities of life. Is Christianity relevant to me today? Should I agree with all the teachings? Here are a few insights to help you make YOUR choice

Pen and a check box
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The Dilemma

The most radical or revolutionary thing today is to live a Christian life. If you live it the way the Church wants you to live, it is one of the most difficult religions in the world. There is a challenging mix of “easy to follow” teachings and “hard or unreasonable & unrealistic” precepts.

Some examples.

a) For a majority, “honor your parents” is an easy one, compared to a difficult one like “contraception is a sin”.

b) It is relatively easy to “attend Mass every Sunday” than to “forgive someone who hurt you”.

c) It is easy to “avoid hardcore pornography” on your gadgets than to avoid “looking at someone with lust”.  

d) What seems “wise”? - to abort a mentally challenged fetus in your womb or allow him/her to be born and live a life full of suffering?

The above choices seem easy to make, as long as it is not me facing the situation.

The Choice

It was not your choice to be born into a Catholic home or receive Baptism, First Holy Communion or Confirmation but it is your choice as an adult to continue to want to be in the Church. God or the Church is absolutely not forcing anyone to follow. It’s totally up to you.

But if you do follow, then you are signing up for tough Church teachings. It’s similar to checking the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” checkbox when you shop online. You cannot enjoy the benefit unless you agree to the Terms and Conditions. All the Terms or teachings apply to you, not a selective few.


The Practicality of following “Tough” Church Teaching

By “tough” I mean, the following Church teachings on:

  1. Artificial Contraception - an unnatural method of birth control which is contrary to the nature God has given us
  2. Abortion - the first-named form of illicit birth control
  3. Direct sterilization - equally to be excluded
  4. Mutual (between spouses) or solitary masturbation - intrinsically and gravely disordered action
  5. Euthanasia - constitutes a murder
  6. Suicide - gravely contrary to just love of self and God and preservation of life
  7. Divorce - a grave offense against natural law
  8. Yoga, Reiki, and New Age practices - depend on a non-Christian worldview
  9. Jesus’s Real Body and Blood in the form of bread and wine
  10. Pre-marital sex - gravely contrary to the dignity of persons
  11. Pornography - offends against chastity and dignity of its participants
  12. Homosexuality - gravely disordered and act of depravity
  13. Embryonic stem cells - gravely illicit

Do Catholics really agree with these teachings of the Church? Do you, if you are a Catholic? The arguments against the above teachings are very logical and believable. And honestly, you can avoid a lot of pain and hardship if you don't follow the above teachings.

At the same time, It's not easy to stand up for these teachings, especially in today's secular world. More so in those countries where there is widespread hostility towards the Church.

1 Corinthians 2:14
“The natural person has no room for the gifts of God’s Spirit; to him they are folly; he cannot recognize them, because their value can be assessed only in the Spirit”

But alas, if we signed up to the Catholic Faith, these teachings are crosses we have to carry. These are the teachings for which we will be ridiculed and scorned. And in some cases even taken to Court.

But remember (The Stick)

Revelation 3:15
“I know about your activities: how you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other, but since you are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth”

And the Carrot

James 1:12
“Blessed is anyone who perseveres when trials come. Such a person is of proven worth and will win the prize of life, the crown that the Lord has promised to those who love Him”


Regarding the above tough teachings, you have two choices. Either stand up for them when challenged or stay quiet and avoid arguments and confrontation with others. But what's really important is how much do you believe in them deep down in the depths of your heart.

How much do you want the crown of life?

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