Inspirational Quotes by Fr. Dominique Faure

Over the past few months, I have posted inspirational quotes from a pious and renowned priest, on our facebook page. Fr. Dominique Faure worked very closely with Mother Teresa herself and after her death, continued to help the Missionaries of Charity. I attended a 2-day retreat conducted by Fr. Dominique in July 2019, which to say the least was very enlightening and heavily dotted by inspirational quotes. Fr. Dominique didn’t preach anything new or extraordinary but heavily emphasized on the basis of our Faith – which sadly many have forgotten. In this post, I bring together all the inspirational quotes he showered us with. His quotes have very deep meaning and have the power to refocus us back to the very core of our Catholic Faith. 1. The virtues of strength and meekness appear opposing. Yet if both go hand and hand, it’s effects are far-reaching. An example is Mother Teresa. 2. Heroism = going out of your comfort zone. The act of forgiving is a heroic type of love because it takes us out of our comfort zone. 3. Prayer is the necessity to breathe the pure air of God in today’s polluted culture of sin 4. When the Holy Spirit takes over, what is difficult becomes easy. What is complex becomes simple. From time to time the Holy Spirit moves us but most of the time we fight against it. 5. Parents get a lot of joy cooking for their kids and seeing them eating stomach full. God loves us so much, He not only gave us His only Son but He went even further. He gives us Himself as food even today, in the form of Bread (His Body). He enjoys feeding us, His children. 6. When we wake up in the morning, our major intention must be to love others just as God loves us. Anything less than this is not human or natural. 7. Prayer implies that we constantly choose to love. Anything less means we are not properly using the grace God has given us. 8. Christianity=The Cross. We are Christians. But in reality, how far have we gone away from the Cross? If we are not ready to give up everything, somehow, somewhere, within us we will have the sadness of the rich young man. 9. It would have been so easy for Jesus to solve all problems from the Cross. But no, He wants us to enter His kingdom in a victorious way. By winning over sin ourselves, with His help. That’s why there is more disorder in the world after the cross than before. 10. We limp in our lives because we stagger between our will and God’s will. The only way, the RIGHT way, is to be at the frontline in the battle against sin, totally dependent on God’s will. Do you like what you read? If you do, please Share with your friends, Subscribe to be the first to receive future Posts or Follow us on facebook and Instagram.

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