Did you think that to be happy, you have to learn the secrets from the experts? Absolutely Not. You can teach yourself

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All of us want to be happy because that is the way we are created. We can rest only when we find it, yet, many times happiness is like a mirage in the desert. The more you run towards it, the farther away it moves from you.

Popular or secular culture teaches us that wealth, pleasure, power and honour brings happiness. Probably yes, fleeting illusions of happines but not true happiness.

Well, the good news is - happiness is very close to you. In fact, look within your home, partner, kids, family, workplace, hobbies, finances, health and you will discover the secrets, yourself.

Provided, you look at it through the eyes of Faith. A Faith-based outlook is the approach taken by this blog to address common problems faced by Christian families.

I have listed what I think are some "ordinary" secrets to a happy life. This list will keep on growing and is a collection of links to the actual articles. I do not know all the secrets or have all the answers. Probably you may know a lot more. So I would be glad to hear from you.

The Secrets to be Happy Daily


1. The best GIFT ever for your loved ones: In this 2 part article, discover what the best gift ever is and how to gift it to someone you love

2.  How to create memories that will last forever: Learn 10 things you can do to create lasting memories for your family, during Christmas time.


1. Things you should NEVER SAY to your teenagers: Raising teens is a challenging experience for most parents and can throw up uncomfortable exchanges. But it is very important to choose the right words when handling them. In this article, read about the power of words and how to use them to build, not destroy

2. Tips to keep your children in the FAITH: A big challenge for parents these days is keeping their children connected to the Faith. Here are 4 tips to help you

3. 3 WORRIES that parents have about their children: Worrying about your kids is part and parcel of parenting. It's quite normal but there are ways to handle it. Read about 3 of them, out of the thousands that you can have.

4. How to make my child feel SECURE:  Every parent wants their child to be safe and secure. Read about some simple secrets that will help you achieve this goal

5. How to make my child feel SPECIAL: Time is scarce for everyone. 24 hours is not enough to complete everything. Sometimes our kids bear the brunt. Here are 3 tips to make them feel special.

6. How to set up your child for SUCCESS: Every parent wishes success for their kids. But sometimes a few basics are overlooked. Read about a totally different perspective on success and how to set up your child for it.

 Self Development

1.  How HOBBIES can change your life: In this article read about 3 simple yet powerful ways hobbies can help you avoid mental illness in your old age


1. Marriage is between a man, a woman......... and: Staying married to the same person until the end and being happy is becoming a rarity nowadays. Click here to read about the most important ingredient in a marriage


1. Things to be THANKFUL for: The secret of happiness is to be thankful: In this series on thankfulness, read why we should be thankful, how to be thankful, what to be thankful for and the benefits of having a thankful heart.

2. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison: This 2 part series digs deep into the underbelly of unforgiveness starting with the 5 Consequences of Unforgiveness and ending with 3 Steps to forgive others


1. Ways to respond to the sexual abuse scandal in the Church: The sexual abuse of the vulnerable by clergy is shameful and condemnable. While Catholics are under attack, it is important to know, how to respond and defend the Faith, not the guilty.

Catholic Life:

1.  Stretch your income: Read how a teaching from the Catholic Faith can help your finances by stretching your income.

2. Tough Catholic Teachings: Is it possible or realistic to follow all the Church Teachings? Are they still relevant? Why should I follow? Here are a few insights that can help you make YOUR choice.

General Topics:

1.  Tips to improve your quality of life: Access a collection of curated resources that can help the whole family as well as individuals, by answering some of the questions you have.

What do you think about this list? Do you know any more tips for a happy life?  Please feel free to comment or to send us a personal message.

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Sonia and Blyton.

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