7 Tips For a Happy Marriage

Many people are of the opinion that it's practically impossible to be really happy in a marriage. Though unfortunately, this may be true for many marriages, it actually needn't be that way.  You can hope to live a happy married life by following these few basic tips.

5 Totally Different New Year Resolutions

All of us are very familiar with making and breaking New Year resolutions. Most of the resolutions are popular, common or even repeated year after year. For a change, it’s time to make New Year resolutions that are different, desirable and noble but not entirely new either. Here are 5 resolutions for you to make, not just for this year, but for life.

The No. 1 Enemy of Christmas

Who is the biggest enemy of Christmas? The atheists? Secularists? Or those hostile to Christianity? Or other religions? New Age movement? Pro-abortionists, pro-same-sex marriage, or pro-euthanasia activists? Actually NO. The answer is….

5 Real Ways to Reach Out to Someone In Need

There is so much of suffering all around us. It's easy to be blinded to the harsh realities that others could be facing during the festive season of Christmas. Where possible, we should be generous and charitable. Not just with money, but also with our time, energy and prayers. Here are a few real ways to reach out to someone in need and make a huge difference.

10 Ways to Create Christmas Memories Forever

Many things fade away with time. Even good memories. But by doing special family things that are dear to your heart, you can at least create memories that you hope will be remembered fondly by your family, even decades later. What better time of the year than Christmas?