5 Totally Different New Year Resolutions

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All of us are very familiar with making and breaking New Year resolutions. Most of the resolutions are popular, common or even repeated year after year. For a change, it’s time to make New Year resolutions that are different, desirable and noble but not entirely new either. Here are 5 resolutions for you to make, not just for this year, but for life.

I wish you a Happy New Year, a year where you experience more happiness than the last. I’m not talking about the happiness that comes from Wealth, Power, Pleasure or Honor; but happiness that comes from faith.

That’s why the New Year resolutions listed here are different but at the same time, not new to most of you. Think of them as long-term habits. By the way, according to research, it takes around 2 months to form a habit that sticks for life. And according to another research, most people give up on their New Year resolutions by 12th January.

Even though New Year’s Day has passed by, it’s not yet late. Because your goal is not to make resolutions for this year alone, but to make them stick for life.

Read through to the end and in the Comments type in a “YES” or a “NO” to the question – Are these resolutions meaningful to you?

1. First New Year resolution: Make it a habit to be thankful, every day

Thank God explicitly during your daily family prayers. You’ll be amazed at the number of things we can thank God for (from finding parking in almost impossible places, to the gift of good health in the past year). The best time to thank God is during the family prayers. Each person loudly expresses their gratitude to God for a couple of things. It’s a good way to transmit a living faith to our children. Here are a few more simple ways to thank God.

In addition, thank others who have helped you. Ungratefulness is a big problem. Our egos are the biggest enemy of gratitude. Sometimes you may have to thank someone publicly in the presence of others. For self, this is a great exercise in humility and for the other person, it’s an affirmation.

2. Second New Year resolution: Start giving back to your community, church or society

It’s nice to receive good things from other’s but it’s a great deed to give back. As an example, we receive so much good from our Parish/Church (spiritual nourishment, Sacraments, fellowship etc.). How much do we give back? No, not money alone. But also our time, energy and talents. What about the school your children go to or the school you studied in? Maybe you can give back as alumni? Just think of any help or support you received in your life. Those could be golden opportunities to give back.

3. Third New Year resolution: Start a meaningful hobby

Pay attention, I said meaningful hobby. It can improve the quality of your life as well as benefit family and community. Not to forget the health benefits like de-stressing and therapeutic.

4. Fourth New Year resolution: Start one Self-Improvement project

In an earlier article, I mentioned the book The One Thing. This is more than a book. It is a program for self-development. This program helped me discover how to achieve success in the one thing that I was passionate about. You too can give it a shot.

Another option would be to join a guided spiritual program run by David Abrio. His programs are deeply rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, devotion to Mother Mary, St. Joseph and other Saints. I have done some of his programs. They are good for spiritual cleansing and can vault you several notches higher in your faith journey.

5. Fifth New Year resolution: Stop being an angry person and start being a peaceful one

This resolution is especially useful for parents of young ones and teenagers. You know the challenges of parenting and how your kids’ behavior can make you erupt like a volcano.

In an earlier article, I wrote about the things we should avoid saying to our teenagers, but since then, I came across a mini book that talks about changing ourselves from an angry parent to a peaceful one. I am still reading the book but I can see some positive differences in me. Why not try this out if you feel the need?


Most of the New Year resolutions we come across revolve around health, finance, and lifestyle. In contrast, the resolutions written here are in line with my blog’s niche – happiness through faith. Hence, they are different by nature. But I’m sure they are not new to you. It’s a reiteration of the things you already know of. Try these resolutions this year and make a sincere attempt to ingrain them as habits that stick for life.

Are these resolutions meaningful to you? In the Comments type “YES” or “NO” as your answer.

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