3 Simple Ways to be Thankful

3 Simple Ways to be Thankful

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Expressing our gratitude to God can be an awesome experience if we keep it simple and speak from the heart

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The most simple and basic way

The easiest way of expressing your gratitude is by saying “Thank you, God”. Absolutely no rocket science, even a kid could tell you that. But we need to be reminded because we are so busy with our lives, that we easily drift away from God, gradually, over time and forget the basics. Make a conscious effort to say “Thank you God” for 21 days, at least once daily and soon it will become a habit. But do it from your heart, genuinely. Because we all know that God sees the heart.

Another way of thanking

Thank God through your daily family prayer. Those who pray the Rosary daily can add some creativity by including thanksgiving prayers to the Rosary. At the end of the Rosary, each member of my family, starting from the oldest to youngest, thank God for at least one thing that day. We Thank Him even for the mundane things, which are usually taken for granted.

Luke 12:7
“Why, every hair on your head has been counted. There is no need to be afraid”


The highest form of thanksgiving

is the Holy Eucharist. During Mass, when the priest lifts the paten and chalice (containing the Body and Blood of Christ), offer up all your petitions and thanksgiving, placing them on the paten and dropping them into the chalice. Consecration is a very powerful moment, an opportunity for us to immerse ourselves wholly into the proceedings. “Being present” and giving your undivided attention to our Lord is a sure way to express gratitude.

Finally, how can I forget the parable of the 10 lepers in the Gospel of Luke 17:11-19? Jesus was fully aware that ten were healed. He doesn't forget the good He does for us. That's why Jesus was pleased with the one leper who came back, prostrated and thanked Him. Honestly, there is no other way. In our daily life, we can come back to Jesus through daily prayers, Rosary, Mass, Adoration, Reconciliation and doing only good to others.


As.a parting reflection, I read that the Jesuit priest Didacus Martinez, the Apostle of Peru, used to say “Deo Gratias” 400 to 600 times a day. Can we do that? Or you may ask what should I be thankful for or why should I be thankful?

How do you show your gratitude to God? Is it your second nature to thank God?

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